Lights Out – Review

Yesterday was the final show of the week of our play “Lights Out”. People and friends had come over from across the city and few of my friends came from Kerala to watch the play. I was fortunate enough to have my dad in the audience. He had come from Kerala to be a part of Light Out!. After we got back home I asked him a feedback for the play. I asked him – “How was the play dad?” He responded “At times, I felt like getting up and beating those guys up!”. I was shocked! “Beating them up?”. He said “Yeah, the characters were so real that I actually felt like it is happening!”. This was the best compliment I have heard for the play. He wrote a review for the play, which is as follows :

“About Lights Out:

I have come down from Kerala to Bangalore today (17th Sep, 2011) just to watch Lights Out and be a part of it. After watching the 7:30 show, I must say, I am contended – paisa vasool!

Each and every single great soul who has witnessed this play today and days before, is thinking about ‘reacting‘. I would say they have not got the message right. Reaction at this context means punishment to the guilty. Here actually “action” is required. Action would be the prevention of crime. So all that one should be thinking here should be about action.

Our society had a soul and it was potent to act and react to any event whether is it good or not. Now our society has lost its soul and vigor and is unable to react to right or wrong. The requirement of the moment is to get every member of the society should get inspired by this kind of plays. Then the society will get back it’s soul and become young and vigorous.

Praanah has succeeded to do the same to a great extent. Hats off to Praanah. Thanks to Chetan – the producer, Siddhanth – the director and a very special thanks to Manjula Padmanabhan – the author for bringing this live to action and getting us involved and be a part of the “reality”. Wishing the best for Praanah and Lights Off production for further staging of the play and hope the message reaches loud and clear across the barriers of region, religion, caste, color and gender.”

– Padmanabhan P.


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